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   Digital Dictation and Transcription Services 

Our rates

Our rates vary with the account specifics, as we do believe in providing personalized service to match each client's needs.  Some clients like to utilize their digital hand-held voice recorders, others use professional dictation apps on their smartphones, while others prefer to dictate via toll-free phone-in lines.  Rates will also vary with the turnaround time desired.  We do not charge by the minute or hour of dictation - this just creates a situation where the dictator feels that they need to rush the dictation.  In most situations, we charge by the line of the completed document.  Rates vary depending on the type of work.  Example: Medical, medical-legal, and veterinary transcription is usually billed by the line, and the actual rate depends on the method of dictation chosen and turnaround time required.  General transcription is often based on audio length, i.e. billed by the audio minute (rounded up) and also varies based on turnaround time required and other specifics. 

We would be very happy to provide you with detailed information and fees based on your specific needs (approximate amount of dictation daily/weekly, turnaround time desired, types of reports/files dictated, method of dictation, etc.).